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List Janitor Review - Is it Scam or Legit?

Each day millions of sales E-mails are being sent around the world, and someone is getting covered a sale or a commission payment all as a result of power that their email list keeps.

Should you be a list internet marketer, you have one of the easiest techniques for making money online.
List Janitor Review

So Why Can be Your E-mail marketing Nonetheless
Paying You Lower than That Should
Because no subject how profitable, or how lucrative a marketing system is, you'll still need to do it right to generate income from it. If you don't still do it you cannot earn a living even if the remaining portion of the world appears to be drawing in cartfuls of cash.

Is the following going on?

You're working very hard on list-building and writing good quality emails with fantastic headlines and superb call-to-actions, but you are still making less cash than you should because if you're facing problems like these.

Boost Email Deliverability with this Powerful List Washing And Management Tool : List Janitor Review

Effective desktop software helps you clean your list on your personal computer itself. You won't have to pay a hefty fees to get your list washed, and you won't need to pay a continuing. Use it for as long as you want, and as frequently you want.

List Janitor also has ultra-powerful list management and segmentation features that will help create sub-lists targeting specific user groups. You cannot have this even from expensive list-cleaning services.

Just like all our products, List Janitor is field-tested, proven and well-maintained.

Multi Dialect Support: List Janitor's user interface is available in British, Spanish, German & Costa da prata.

Bring dead lists to life

Import your email lists easier into autoresponders

Decrease your email marketing costs

Improves your email delivery

Get a higher wide open rate

Segment your data easily

Combine two email lists as one

Super Convenient To Use

Gives The Email-Marketing A Boost
Transfer any list and clean it in a subject of seconds.
Removes broken addresses, role addresses, spam-traps and so forth from your lists.
Harmonizes with CSVs or simple set of email addresses.
Advanced list management & analysis features help you to get the most from your list.

Bring back your old and dying list to our lives by purifying it.
Just about every Internet marketer needs this product.
Should have if you wish to import your lists into an autoresponder (Autoresponders do not import unclean lists).
Improves your deliverability and reduces your expense.

See the Demo

High Transforming Funnel

Product Details

Supports import of set of up to 10, 1000 addresses. Has list cleaning & deduping. Can confirm each email individually for validity.

OTO1 - List Janitor Pro
Supports significance of lists up to 40, 000 addresses. Supports list cleaning, deduping, segmentation and has advanced list management + analysis features. Potential buyers also get 2 years of totally free update and 3 computer permit.

OTO2 - List Janitor Agency
Imports set of unrestricted size. Supports all features in Pro, and also gives you 5 the required licenses for use on 5 computers. Gives users a VPS license as well. Includes 2 years of free upgrade.

OTO3 - Email Jeet Pro & Templates
Powerful desktop centered email marketing software that lets people send e-mails using any SMTP or their own computer (through in-built SMTP server)

OTO4 - List Janitor Reseller & Whitelabel
Reseller offers you 100% commissions on the front-end. Together with the Whitelabel version we rebrand the software and people can sell it through email marketing, fb ads, and so forth.

Clean your list on your desktop computer without having to pay a costly list-cleaning service.
Have up any old or new list and clean / segment it in no time.
Removes identical emails from single or multiple lists.
Removes role emails & spam tiger traps.
Verifies domain validity (mail server validity)
Verifies each email address exists using SMTP technology.
Lets you merge lists, find common or unique addresses from multiple lists, and part lists easily.
Filter and manage email lists on a number of guidelines easily.
Create list sectors or sub lists on almost any parameter you want. (Pro Version)
Importance and manage your list from any autoresponder including Aweber, Getresponse, etc. with a CSV file.
Create CSVs that you can import into any email advertising and also use on SMTP services.
Hi On the web Marketer,

What's the most powerful way of providing online? No, there are no prizes because you already know List Janitor Review already. Everybody is aware it. Heck! Even your cat knows this much.

Email Marketing Is considered the most Highly effective Online Marketing system.

Simply how much more powerful? Just look at these convenient little statistics that individuals found online with a simple Search.

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